IF a rabbi of a shul should develop close enough ties to a MONUMENT
COMPANY...meaning that whenever a question, query or call comes to the
rabbi - INQUIRING and asking for suggestions as to "where to go " - what
MONUMENT CO are there and which MONUMENT CO do you
recommend....", this opens the door for the rabbi to "direct" business to a
particular MONUMENT CO. The question for me then arises...does the
rabbi benefit at all from directing? Does a "benefit" come with each and
every directed consumer? Does the rabbi benefit enough to make it worth
their while to NOT direct to another MONUMENT CO.....Have a "list" of
suggested local MONUMENT CO”S and have your CHOICE one at the
labled #1 and true competitors # 5?

IF someone in a position of influence, influences decisions of others that will
come around to benefit himself - that can be an issue!

I can tell you that is an issue and the State AG MAY interested in looking into

1) How many "directed" families does it take to get the rabbi who directed -
a good deal?
2) If the rabbi is directing to a particular MONUMENT CO...what about
considering the impact of another MONUMENT CO 's parnassa by being
passed over?
3) IS it appropriate for a rabbi to iinfluence aka direct - a family in crisis - to
a particular MONUMENT CO - knowing that the family does NOT know that
the rabbi OR shul will benefit?
4) How much reward can there be for direction and influence before it would
be deemed inappropriate?
5) Deemed by who if no one knows?
6) If benefits come with directing - what should that benefit be called or
referred to as?
7) A ---While the MONUMENT CO benefits by the business it gets as a
result of the direction of the rabbi, B -- and the family may benefit by getting
a good deal (maybe not as good as could have been gotten from a
competitor) and C -- the rabbi benefits from having directed... one might ask
- where is the problem? I can think of two right off the bat:
1) The other MONUMENT CO 's in the area are basically being blackballed,
ignored, and unfairly losing business.
2) If the rabbi's deal with the MONUMENT CO - the one to which he refers
his minions - includes an exclusive with the rabbi...then the grieving family at
a low ebb looking for direction - will be directed.
3) The congregant - the consumer - is being manipulated and doesn't know
it. That, in and of itself, is, in my humble opinion...a shanda.

IF it doesn't sound like it is on the up and up. If it doesn't look like it is on the
up and up. Most liklely - it isn't.
While there may be relationships, agreements and such that are free from
the appearance of something not kosher, that is not the ones I was referring
According to the Georgia law I'm Registered and bonded Monument dealer.